Our most frequently asked questions

What does “How do you Pronto?” mean?

Because our dishes are totally customizable – from the base and protein to the sides, toppings and sauces – we like to find out how you order at Pronto. We know you love to mix and match your favorites, so we’ve designed our entire menu that way!

Is Pronto a full-service restaurant like Serrano’s?

No, Pronto is a fast-casual restaurant where you order at the counter and have your food delivered to your table when it’s ready. There are drink stations available for convenient refills. Pronto means “quick” or “fast” in Spanish, and that is our aim – to provide good food in a fast-paced environment.

Are you still offering your famous chips, salsa and bean dip at Pronto?

Yes, however, they will be sold for a small added charge. Our goal with Pronto is to provide quality food at a low price point, and we can do that by making chips, bean dip and salsa an a la carte offering.

What are your gluten-free options?

We have many gluten-free (GF) options including all of our proteins, marinades and sauces. Our rice and bean options are also naturally GF and many of our toppings and sides are as well! We can easily swap ingredients out to make most dishes GF if they are not already. The only thing we do not offer is GF flour tortillas.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

We are excited to have tasty, fresh and flavorful options available for any dietary need, including vegetarian, vegan and dairy free. With fresh and flavorful being at the top of our priority list, Pronto offers hearty vegetarian protein options like fajita grilled peppers, onions and chiles, vegan and dairy-free cauliflower rice, and slow-cooked black and pinto beans.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are proud to continue our discounts that offer 10% off to active-duty or retired military, police and fire safety employees. As a Tempe business, we are also extending the 10% discount to City of Tempe employees and Arizona State University students. Must have IDs.

Do you have Taco Tuesday deals?

Taco Tuesdays are life! Join us for 2 for $5 tacos served Pronto's Way (shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and crema) à la carte. Upgrade meats for $0.99 more.