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At Pronto, we serve up Sonoran-style Mexican favorites featuring fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations made to order. With an array of customizations, you never have to order the same meal twice! Start by picking a protein and add it to a burrito, taco, salad or bowl, and then go nuts with toppings, sides and sauces! We’ve taken our time-tested recipes made from scratch in the Serrano family kitchen, and adapted them for use in our Pronto fast-casual setting. Owned and operated by the Serrano family, Pronto is the next evolution in our family-owned business. Read about us in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Our Story: The Serrano Family

The Serrano family has been part of Arizona’s small business fabric for more than a century starting with the launch of The Serrano Brothers Popular Store in Chandler, Ariz., in September 1919. This later evolved into Serrano's Department Stores, and for 60 years, it was the family business. In 1979, Ernie and Eva Serrano saw an opportunity to transition out of the family clothing store and into the growing restaurant industry. Serrano's Mexican Restaurants began with a flagship location in Downtown Chandler, and today there are also locations in Mesa and Queen Creek.
Eva and Ernie Serrano in 1952

Ernie & Eva Serrano at their wedding in 1952

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The Serrano family

Pronto by Serrano’s is the next evolution of our family owned and operated restaurant business, and was named in honor of our sister, Stephanie Serrano, who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2019. Stephanie ran a successful quick-serve in Missouri called Pronto, so we wanted to carry on a brand that she first started decades ago.

Serrano’s is proud to be the oldest continuously owned and operated family business in Chandler, Ariz., and to have had the opportunity to expand into other East Valley communities by opening restaurants and giving back. Today, Ernie and Eva’s children own and operate Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants and Pronto by Serrano’s. From cooking to catering and payroll to operations, it is truly a family affair with the fourth generation of Serranos taking the helm at Pronto (read the article in the Phoenix Business Journal for more). For more information or to learn about job opportunities at any of our restaurants, please visit
pronto_Sarah in front of the siblings

Sarah Serrano Licht is among the fourth generation of Serrano's to join the business.